Outsourcing your personnel with ProSearch will certainly give you more time to concentrate on your core business and, at the same time, save you time, money and resources.

As your single point of contact for all the activities, from joining formalities to claims, we give you complete control. We also put our proven expertise to work in framing personnel policies and drawing up employee handbooks. With a multidisciplinary selection of temporary staff, we can help you choose a specialist or team at any level to suit your interim needs. Whether you require personnel for a short term, a specific project or to meet your seasonal staffing requirements trust us to match your expectations.

Our staffing service helps our clients quickly ramp up project teams with as few or many qualified consultants as required to fill their short-term and long term contract needs. We employ innovative techniques, emerging technologies and next generation trends in order to access the best talents. We promise quality manpower supply services to all our valuable customers. The manpower recruitment services enable us to identify the right candidates for the prescribed job posts in various companies. Such service helps the various companies to save time and energy hence making optimum use of their resources..

This is a specialised service offered to clients by ProSearch. Instead of your organisation spending its time and resources on sourcing resumes, screening and shortlisting short-term candidates, you can now outsource the entire recruitment activity to us. We offer this service to any size of organisation, from a small business to large corporates on hourly, weekly and monthly basis.

Our Outsourced Recruitment Services give opportunities to the individuals to grasp the requirement of the job extremely quickly. The individuals learn and implement their task efficiently and promptly as it is a short term placement. ProSearch will do everything it takes to put your team together, operating as a single point of contact and by this taking on responsibility and saving you resources. We simplify the process by taking on dealing with the the various stake-holders as well.

Our team of professionals work together and put together the best individuals for your requirements. The needs, especially for a short term recruitment need to be precise for the task. ProSearch thus, has the expertise as well as the experience to confidently identify he right candidates as per your requirements.

Outsourcing for short-term events and shows is also something we recruit individuals for. We know university students eagerly look to gain some experience by working with top companies especially when it comes organizing events and shows. Our services will bring to you some of the most hardworking candidates that could potentially be hired by your company on a permanent basis someday.